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Course in Acting

Course in News Anchor

Become an all-round sound engineer capable of creating, designing, capturing, editing and reproduction.

Candidate desirous in choosing this career must complete graduation in journalism. He must take courses that have to do with mass communications, journalism, film, of course English, and speech. Other useful courses that can help in career development are political science, biology, chemistry, and some math (statistical analysis). After graduation, candidate can work as a freelance writer, someone who writes his own articles and sells them to interested news agencies. If news anchor has an experience of 10-15 yrs, he/she might be appointed as a field reporter for a news network. Candidate can proceed in this profession first as a freelance writer, then a field reporter, and then a news anchor. Basic job of a news presenter is to presents a news show on television, radio or the Internet.

Course Goal

  • Understanding the various roles of live & recorded television presenters
  • Do's and don'ts for the presenter
  • Developing language skills
  • Correcting Diction
  • Voice, speech and breath exercise
  • Body Language
  • Familiarization with the technical parameters of camera, multi camera setups, light and sound
  • Creating a bond with the unseen audience
  • Performing with make shift tele prompters
  • Over coming glitches
  • Preparing and researching for your subjects
  • Interviews skills, Live reporting
  • Interaction with celebrity presenters
  • Grooming and make-up
  • Demo Film

For Whom

  • Aspirant Film-Makers / Directors


  • Creatively Inclined Individuals. Age and Gender no Bar

Get placed at esteemed media house.

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