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Course in Journalism

Become a professional Journalist.

Livewires is synonymous with commitment, expertise and breaking ground in terms of providing fulfilling, enriching and lucrative career options to its students. In the short span of two years it has created a niche in the media world and has put a record number of its students in various segments of media.

With the launch of Journalism, Livewires has only taken few steps towards a journey of thousand miles. It assures its students same professionalism, quality and research as before.

Admission for new courses is in full swing; Livewires believes in bringing out the latent talent and skills of its valued students by limiting the batches to only few students so that the best can be delivered and retained.

The Journalism Course is a full time, post-graduate Advanced Diploma programme, intended as instruction in the role and function of mass media and civil society. It examines the principles, practice and responsibility of communication, the mass media, and the convergence of print, broadcast and net journalism. In the era of New Media, the Journalism Course combines knowledge creation and extension, craft and context, with practical applications in a study programme of proven excellence. Students emerge from the course enabled for multiple tasks and skills in mass communication and social development.


  • Print
  • News and Current Affairs (national and international issues)
  • News Presentation News Reporting
  • Production and Editing for Print
  • Broadcast and On-line media
  • Specialized Reporting
  • Writing and Scripting
  • Communication Process
  • New Media Film Journalism and Political Reporting Project
  • Business / Financial Journalism
  • Scripting for TV & Video

Get placed at esteemed media house.

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